30 Days with Mary – Day 8

They don’t have any more wine!

Our Lady is a loving mother and attentive to her children’s needs. For example, during the wedding at Cana, there was a shortage of wine. Seeing how embarrassed the bride and groom might be, Mary could not contain the kindness of her heart. She sought out her Son and said, “They have no more wine!” Jesus answered her, “My hour has not yet arrived.” Nevertheless, at the request of his mother, Our Lord performed the miracle of turning water into wine.

Whenever you are faced with a difficult situation, run to Mary, and you will surely find recourse. Remember, in the words of Saint Bernard, “It has never been heard that anyone who resorts to Our Lady’s protection has been forsaken.” If you ever feel lacking the wine of trust in God, of patience and of love, run and beseech Our Lady for help. God’s infinite love for you will transform the waters of tribulation into the best of wines.

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