30 Days with Mary – Day 9

Mary, Star of the Sea!

In ancient times, sailors did not have compasses, yet they set sail on the high seas with only the stars in the heavens as their guidance. For example, the Phoenicians navigated the oceans by using the “star of the sea” as their guide.

Upon the seas of this worldly existence, we sail in a fragile and small vessel called life. On our voyage to the port of eternal joy, Heaven that is, we confront the treacherous tides of life’s oceans.

However, unlike the Phoenicians of old, our Star of the Sea not only guides our journey, but protects and frees us from the dangers of this voyage. Mary most holy is our Star of the Sea!

When we find ourselves engulfed in the storms of life’s seas, all we have to do is never lose sight of Mary. In moments of anguish and bitterness,” as Saint Bernard said, “Look at the star and invoke Mary!”

Let‘s pray:

Hail, O Star of the Sea, God’s own Mother blest, ever sinless Virgin, gate of heavenly rest.

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