The first miracles of Saint Therese

Among the many miracles of Saint Therese of Lisieux, we have those obtained through the “novena of roses“. There were several miracles we can find in the process of canonization of the young Carmelite girl.

Life in the convent

There is one miracle in particular that catches our attention. It occurred in the small city of Galipoli in Italy, around 1910. The Carmelite order in this city were facing great financial problems. The nuns had almost nothing to eat, debts and bills were pilling up. The convent building itself needed so urgent renovations.

Often, at mealtime, the nuns would go to the chapel instead of the refectory because there was no physical food, and they would seek shelter with the One who had become food for all mankind and pray the holy Rosary.

Very often, the nuns would go to the chapel instead of the refectory because there was no food to eat. They preferred to seek shelter with the “One” who had become food for all human been and pray the holy rosary. By following this daily routine, they were inspired to ask for the intersession of a young Carmelite who died in sanctity. They decided to make a triduum to the Holy Trinity to obtain this grace through the Servant of God, Sister Theresa of the Child Jesus.

Mother Maria Carmela

The convent’s superior, Mother Maria Carmela, ended up sick and lying in bed due of her many worries about their debts. She is the one telling the story that happened at the very end of the triduum that the nuns organized.

“Before January 16th, I spent the night badly with some physical sufferings. It was three o’clock in the morning. I got up from bed exhausted. I tried to refresh myself and fell asleep.

In a dream, I seemed to feel myself being tenderly touched by a hand that lifted the blanket covering me. I thought it was a sister of mine who had come to help me, and without opening my eyes I said: “Let it go, don’t make me feel the wind, I’m all sweaty; this isn’t good, I feel on the verge of losing my life.”

A very special sister

Then I heard an unknown voice saying, “No, my child, it’s a good thing and it won’t take your life. Listen, the Lord makes use of the heavenly ones as well as the earthly ones; here are five hundred lire, with this you will pay the community’s debts.” I told her that the debt was three hundred lire and she said: “That means that there is a little left but you can’t keep that money in your cell,. Come with me”. I thought, “How will I be able to get up in this state?

Immediately, penetrating my thoughts and laughing she added: “Bilocation will happen“. Then, I immediately found myself outside the cell in the company of a young Carmelite sister. A heavenly light shone from her robe and veil which lighted our path.

She led me downstairs to the round room. and made me open a little box containing the notes with the community’s debt. She then handed the five hundred lire to me. I looked at her amazed and happy, and prostrated myself in an attitude of gratitude, I said to her:

“my Holy Mother!”.  She tenderly lifted me up and said: “No, my daughter, I am not our Holy Mother, I am the servant of God, Sister Thérèse of Lisieux…! Today, a feast in Heaven, a feast on earth!… being the Name of Jesus!”.

Moved, amazed, not knowing what to say, I spoke more with my heart than with my lips, I said: “Mamma mia! This violence that never stops.” Then I couldn’t go on!

The Celestial Sister slowly moved away  putting her hand on my veil, as if she was adjusting it with love and caress. “Wait, you might miss the way”, I said. She replied with an angelical smile: “No, no, my child, my way is safe, I have not made a mistake!”.

A confirmation

I woke up and felt a little too tired, but I pushed myself to get up and went to the choir and received the Holy Communion. The sisters looked at me and seeing my condition, they wanted to call the doctor.

I went to the sacristy and I told to the two sacristans in a naive way about the dream I just had. These two sisters wanted to go to open the little box, but I answered them that we should not give faith to dreams and that it was even a sin.

Their persistence was such that I went to the round room and opened the little box. We actually found the miraculous sum of five hundred lire!

More Miracles

This was not the only miracle of St. Therese in Galipoli. This is just the beginning of a series of graces.

Ever month, they brought a surplus of their monthly income to the convent (taking notes on the records each day). They were between 25 and 50 lire. However, a curious event occurred in one occasion.

On June 15th, Mother Carmela dreamed again of Saint Therese who said that “soon she would bring 100 francs”.

Bishop Gaeta, the bishop of that region, went to the convent to celebrate mass and during a conversation he told that in those days, he had missed a note of 100 francs that had mysteriously disappeared from his safe. He then joked, “I hope Sister Theresa will bring it for the ladies.

In fact, during early morning of October 6th, the Servant of God handed a hundred franc note to the superior and told her: “may the power of God take away or give as easily in temporal things as in spiritual things. The mother hurried to return the money to the bishop, but he did not accept it.

You who are reading this, have you ever felt forgotten and helpless? This beautiful story shows us that we must always trust, because God’s hand is never far from those who turn to Him and ask through His servants, the Saints, and His Mother, Mary Most Holy.

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Pray and trust. She is ready to answer!