Christmas Novena – Day 4

Initial Prayer

It is with joy that we announce the message of Christmas: God became man, He came to live among us.

God is not far away: He is close. Furthermore, He is “Emmanuel”, God-with-us. He is not a stranger: He has a face, the face of Jesus.

Let us pray that this Christmas the face of Jesus may be contemplated by all families and by all men on earth.

Day 4

“Holy is the day that brought us light.”

“Come and worship the Lord! Today a great light has descended on Earth! ” (Christmas Day Mass, acclamation of the Gospel)

Christmas is a day of great hope, for it is the day on which the Savior of humanity was born! The birth of a child usually brings a light of hope to the whole family. When Jesus was born in that cave in Bethlehem, “a great light” appeared on earth and great hope entered the hearts of those who were waiting for Him. In the humility and silence of that holy night, a splendid and inexhaustible light was lit for each man and the great hope that brought happiness came to the world.

Closing Prayer

In the silence of that night in Bethlehem, Jesus was born and lovingly welcomed.

Who is ready to open their heart this Christmas?

Who watches, in the night of doubt and uncertainty, with a heart awake and in prayer?

Who awaits for the dawn of the new day, keeping the flame of faith lit?

Who has time to listen to His words and be fascinated by His love?

Christ comes to bring light to us. He comes to give us peace, too!

Yes, His message of peace is for everyone, it is for everyone who comes to offer himself as a sure hope of salvation.

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