Stories for Children

The Reward for a Humble Failure.

Standing before the queen, Tobias took a deep breath and began to sing… But he only made one mistake after another! Downcast, took refuge in his mother’s arms and began to weep.   Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there was a beautiful kingdom in a mountainous region, with high peaks and deep valleys. […]

The Bridge of Confidence

In a village in the French Alps lived a virtuous girl named Madeleine. Every afternoon she made her way to the neighborhood chapel to ask Our Lady for special graces, for she wanted to do something grand and glorious. She knelt before the beautiful statue of the Mother of God that adorned the main altar, […]

Whose Grandeur was Greater?

Around the year of Our Lord 33, there lived a woman named Sarah, renowned for her special skill: she crafted textiles of every kind, from simple veils to rich brocades embellished with golden and silver threads and precious stones. Her work was famous throughout all the villages of Judea, and people eagerly flocked to the […]

Powerful and Vigilant Heavenly Protectors

Even before they had reached their destination, an important lesson had been engraved on the hearts of those country children. The Angels are always at our side, eager to help us! I was also hoping to do something special, but had not come up with an idea… Your Guardian Angel must have inspired you! In the […]

The Drama of the Hummingbird

Julie was losing altitude because of the strong wind, and her wings were slowing down with the cold. Just when it seemed that her short existence as a hummingbird was over, she felt the warmth of a pair of hands, so familiar to her… Julie was the ant that the Child Jesus transformed into a […]

Blessed are the Pure of Heart

Peter trudged gloomily into the house. His attitude made his mother worry. What was happening with her little boy? A low mark at school? A misunderstanding between friends? Or could it have been a scolding from Fr. Anthony? The day dawned bright and sunny in the village. The vineyards seemed to be loaded with precious […]