July 2021 - Mary Queen of the Third Millennium

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Mary Queen of the Third Millennium

Mary Queen of the Third Millennium was constituted to collaborate in the realization of that desire of the Pope, to carry the greatest number of lay people to participate in the evangelizing work of the Church. Any faithful can take part in their activities and collaborate in the New Evangelization of our people!

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Triumph, Cross, and Glory

Triumph, Cross, and Glory The juxtaposition of the triumphal entrance of the Divine Redeemer into Jerusalem with the sufferings of His sorrowful Passion reminds us that the perspective of the cross always bears the aura of the certainty of future glory. The Contrast Between Uncreated Goodness and Human Malice Our Lord Jesus Christ could have, […]

The Holy Joy of the Children of God

The Holy Joy of the Children of God When we meet with suffering, we should never give in to discouragement. Let us keep in mind the rose-coloured variety of the Quaresmeira, and face suffering with the joy that leads to Heaven. Among the various symbols of supernatural realities with which God has endowed Brazilian nature, […]

The Chair of Saint Peter

The Chair of Saint Peter “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18). In the last one hundred years, few passages of the Gospel have been the object of such vehement and passionate debate, for, […]

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Stories for Children

The Reward for a Humble Failure.

Standing before the queen, Tobias took a deep breath and began to sing… But he only made one mistake after another! Downcast, took refuge in his mother’s arms and began to weep.   Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there was a beautiful kingdom in a mountainous region, with high peaks and deep valleys. […]

The Bridge of Confidence

In a village in the French Alps lived a virtuous girl named Madeleine. Every afternoon she made her way to the neighborhood chapel to ask Our Lady for special graces, for she wanted to do something grand and glorious. She knelt before the beautiful statue of the Mother of God that adorned the main altar, […]

Whose Grandeur was Greater?

Around the year of Our Lord 33, there lived a woman named Sarah, renowned for her special skill: she crafted textiles of every kind, from simple veils to rich brocades embellished with golden and silver threads and precious stones. Her work was famous throughout all the villages of Judea, and people eagerly flocked to the […]

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