About Us

Mary Queen of the Third Millennium is an association of lay people, dedicated to the work in the New Evangelization, in close communion with the Pope, the bishops and priests of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. Our greatest joy stems from serving as an extension into the world of the priestly arms of the church, fostering and encouraging the sanctification of the men and women in our times. Adapting to the circumstances and places where he acts, he uses very varied methods of action, taking into account the evangelizing message to the greatest possible number of people:

  • It disseminates books with current spirituality themes (such as the life of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta of Fatima);
  • Distributes bulletins and diverse publications on Marian devotion and the word of the Pope;
  • Coordinates the formation of parish groups for the practice of the reparation communion of the first Saturdays;
  • Brings a beautiful image of Our Lady of Fatima to visit homes, educational institutions, hospitals, etc.;
  • Helps for the liturgical celebration at diverse parishes;
  • Deep commitment to the formation of vocations to the priesthood and religious life, especially in developing countries;
  • Carries out religious and cultural activities for the youth;
  • Organizes cultural events and musical activities.
  • Promotes meetings between lay people who want to engage in evangelization activities;
  • and carries out many other initiatives.


Very often, Saint Pope John Paul II appealed to all Christians, calling them to embrace New Evangelization: “May the lay faithful listen to the call of Christ to work in his vineyard.”

Mary Queen of the Third Millennium was constituted to collaborate in the realization of that desire of the Pope, to carry the greatest number of lay people to participate in the evangelizing work of the Church. Any faithful can take part in their activities, to the extent of their possibilities.

Dear brothers and sisters, come and participate in this beautiful work, in the New Evangelization of our people!

Join us and let’s work together for the flourishing of the Holy Catholic Church in the Third Millennium!

Email us at [email protected] or call 305.927.0189.

If you prefer, you can write to us at:

Mary Queen of the Third Millennium
P.O. Box 832347
Miami, Florida 33283

Your participation is very important!