Our Lady of Mount Carmel and her Brown Scapular

One day, a friendly reporter, decided to investigate in several cities. Walking the streets, he asked several people passing-by: “Do you want to go to Heaven or to Hell?”.  Impacted by such question, people responded, almost without thinking: “Of course I want to go to Heaven!“. Some people, whom the reporter managed to stop for a longer time, answered a second question: “Which way are you trying to achieve such great happiness? “

In the result of his survey, he found that 100% wanted to go to Heaven. However, less than 1% worried about how to get there!

The Holy Catholic Church offers us many resources to achieve our supreme goal in life: eternal salvation. Wearing the Scapular of Our Lady of the Mount Carmel is one of the most effective ones. Those who consider themselves unworthy, for being a great sinner, remember what Jesus said: “I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners” (Lk 5, 32).

Saint Claude de La Colombiere, said: “It is not enough to say that the Scapular is a sign of salvation. I sustain that there is no other who makes our predestination so certain.”. Furthermore, the Brown Scapular has been recommended by several Popes and Saints.

The great privileges of the Scapular

On July 16, 1251, Saint Simon Stock pleaded to Our Lady for help in solving a problem of the Carmelite Order, of which he was Prior General. While he was praying, the Virgin appeared, bringing the Scapular in her hands and said these comforting words: “Most beloved son, receive the Scapular of your Order, special sign of my fraternal friendship, privilege for you and all the Carmelites. Those who die with this Scapular will not suffer the fire of Hell. It is a sign of salvation, protection and protection in danger, and an alliance of peace forever.”

The Church assumed the Scapular and made it one of the most widespread devotions among faithful people.

In our generation of superstitions, it is not superfluous to clarify that the Scapular is far from being a “magical” sign of salvation. It is not a kind of amulet whose use dispenses us from the demands of the Christian life. It is not enough, therefore, to put it around your neck and say: “I am saved!”

Benefits of the Scapular

It is true that Our Lady made no condition when she made her promise. She simply said: “Whoever dies with the Scapular will not suffer the fire of hell.” However, to benefit from this privilege, it is necessary to use the Scapular with a right intention. In this case, if at the time of death the person is in a state of sin, Our Lady will provide, in some way, that she/he will repent and receive the sacraments. It is in this that the mercy of the Mother of God is truly immeasurable!


Our Lady, the best of all mothers, wants for her devout children not only the spiritual benefits, but also the temporary ones. Thus, whoever wears his Scapular receives from her a special protection in the dangers of daily life.

Each time a devotee kisses the Scapular with piety, and make an act of devotion to the Blessed Virgin, he/she receives a partial indulgence, that is the remission of a part of the penalties that he had to fulfill in Purgatory.

Those who wear the Scapular can also benefit from plenary indulgence (remission of all the penalties of Purgatory) on the day they receive it.