We are of the King’s Lineage

The Solemnity of Christ the King, while inviting us to turn our attention and our hearts to this grandiose panorama, requires us to be conscious of special responsibilities in our life. Since we participate in divine nature and have become children of God through Baptism, even His royalty is rightfully ours, among other privileges, for, […]

Great peace have those who love Thy law

Rightly is this blessedness promised to purity of heart. For the brightness of the true light will not be able to be seen by the unclean sight: and that which will be happiness to minds that are bright and clean, will be a punishment to those that are stained. Therefore, let the mists of earth’s […]

And Then There Was Light!

Its graciousness soothes the soul, its verticality lifts hearts; the marvelous colors of the stained glass purify the mind. Its ogives point to the right path and its light silences the power of darkness. Sinners find conversion; the faithful, refuge; and poets, inspiration. It is the Gothic style… Paris was at its apogee. In the […]

“Blessed are You who believed”

As soon as She hears the tidings, Mary hastens to the hill country, not out of lack of faith in the prophecy or lack of trust in the message, nor for having doubted the example that was proffered, but guided by the happiness of seeing the promise fulfilled, drawn by the will to render a […]